Who we are . . .

Originally established in 2009 as efinance’s card services line of business, with a successful track record of over 15 years and +50 million cards circulating in the market to date. eCards was established as an independent subsidiary of eFinance Investment Group in 2020.

eCards is Egypt’s governmental cards market leader providing End-to-End Integrated Solutions, being the leading personalization center in Africa with manufacturing, personalization, management and processing of millions of transactions yearly for Meeza, VISA and Mastercard.

eCards develop and provide a wide range of Smart solutions and innovation such as Multiapplication EMV cards, utilities Cards,Transportation solution, Digital identity solution and automated KYC solution.

At eCards we take pride in offering the highest standards of security and technology with the fastest possible service delivery speed in the market; we deliver excellence in not only our products and services but also in our business processes in Egypt and the African region.


Smart Payment
Per hour


Smart Cards
Per day

200 mn

Smart Card Production
Capacity Per year

Processing Transaction
Per second

200 +

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What we do . . .

eCards owns a state of the art global card services system and solutions that offers fintech, transactions processing and integrated solutions, and a comprehensive suite of card production and management services as well as third party processing services using the most advanced technologies.

Card Production

Card Production Services

  • Data processing
  • Card personalization
  • Card delivery


Management Services

  • Card management solutions, banks cards for EMV & contactless cards (VISA & MEEZA
  • Multi-application smart cards
  • Acquiring third party processor services with banks
  • QR solutions

Integrated Smart

Integrated Smart Solutions

  • Biometric, wearable and motion code cards
  • Instant issuing
  • Transportation & utilities cards
  • Self eKYC on smartphones or KYC on tablets
  • IOT solutions for smart cities

Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation Solutions

  • Integrated open-loop, account-based ticketing platform
  • Seamless payment environment
  • Micro payment acceptance
  • Transportation & Utilities Cards
  • Smart value-added services to customers and transport operators

What we serve . . .

Card Management and TTP

  • Multi-application EMV cards (payments, identification, access control, traveling etc.)
  • Governmental solutions include subsidy cards, health cards etc.
  • Card management and card processing
  • Digital identity solution and KYC
  • Branchless and digital banking solutions
  • Biometric card and motion code cards to minimize fraud
  • Metal and wearable cards

Integrated Smart Solutions

  • Biometric, wearable and motion code cards
  • Instant issuing
  • Transportation & utilities cards
  • Self eKYC on smartphones or KYC on tablets

Multi-Application Cards

  • Unified card Smart Solution for Universities, Compounds, Clubs, Etc.
  • Transportation cards
  • Online payment cards
  • Purchase cards
  • Medical cards for university’s hospitals
  • Personal ID for universities
  • Contactless cards production

IOT Solutions For Smart Cities

  • Controlling the city, avenues, buildings, and facilities gates through IOT controlling systems
  • Managing cars parking slots with a prepaid solution
  • Full transportation lines management solutions
  • Electricity smart meters management with prepaid solution
  • Gas smart meters management with prepaid solution
  • Water flow smart meters management with prepaid solution
  • Managing Wi-Fi internet connectivity with a prepaid solution
  • Controlling buildings, elevators, and units through access control system
  • Comprehensive mobile app platform

Where we serve . . .

Current Partners :

Expanding In :

  • Tanzania
  • Senegal
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Congo
  • Ghana

Our Certifications . . .

To ensure business continuity, our global certifications guarantee we follow rigorously and provide the highest degrees of quality and security.

Third Party Processing (TTP)

Information Security

Certified Cards Manufacturer

Our Clients . . .

Ministries &
Governmental entities

Banks & financial


Sports clubs